Recent News

  • Update May 10th 2014: The Secret Land

    This project has been published in the January Issue of MADAME magazine and exposes a new direction in an editorial. I`ve been working very closely with Ilan Hamra on this project with my colleagues at Albert Bauer Studios supporting us to get this series finished. Check out the images: here

  • Update December 14th 2013: New Cinematic Matte Painting

    To get my technical Matte Painting knowledge up to date, I did a practice Painting of a foreign planet. The aim on this practice was to conceptualize a short establishing shot that could be used in a science fiction movie. I wish you all a great christmas time with your loved ones; Looking forward to a happy new year (with some great stuff coming up that I`m especially proud of ).

  • Update November 23th 2013: Completely new Website

    I know this was about time! Here`s my new Website showcasing many more of the Projects I have been working on. The photography portfolio is updated accordingly aswell with some photos that were shot with my new 5D Mark III. Especially when hacked with Magic Lantern, this camera is the first one that satisfies my expectations in terms of image quality and creative possibilities for photography and video. Stay tuned for great updates in the coming weeks/months!

  • Update August 24th 2013: Exhibition

    Starting August 30th, Cityscape, Renaissance and A futuristic City Concept are exhibited in Brighton, UK. The exclusive pieces shown and for sale are out of a Limited Edition Range of 10 that are individually hand finished. More exciting news to come until the end of the year!  

  • Update December 5th 2012: Experimenting

    I did not update for over a year! This may be because I pushed our team and myself at work (which worked out fantastic so far). I wrote my first mental ray shader set for production at Albert Bauer Studios and dived into motion programming with Processing and hacking the Kinect camera. After going more to the technical side this year, beside some great artistic projects, I see the need to switch back more to the artistic side. For now I updated the photography collection, showing some adventures that I had in Rio by discovering a favela from the inside and taking a helicopter ride in January.

  • Update September 12th 2011: Learning C++ / Interview

    This has been a great year so far ! is a website that showcases new talent in music and art. I’m featured in an interview with them that is linked here: I’m further expanding my field of view by learning C++ . The main reason I study this, is to dig into the Maya API and see the possibilities. Who knows what kind of other possibilities arise from this lateron . I just love to understand both the technical and the artistic side ! Combined they give you a fantastic toolset for a more streamlined creation process !

  • Update February 8th 2011: Positano + Making of

    I`ve recently finished an animation that was done as free project at Albert Bauer Studios. It shows what can be done with just 1 HDR and 1 regular photo in combination with google and nasa satellite images. I did everything from photography/HDR-shooting over matte painting and CGI to final compositing and grading in Photoshop, Maya, Nuke and After Effects. The final piece can be seen on this website or at: Albert Bauer Studios Check out the Making of aswell.